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The nervous system is connected throughout our bodies, which allows organs to function properly and a person to respond to stimuli. Chiropractic therapy is very helpful when it comes to treating pinched nerves. Pinched nerves are usually caused by either a joint that is pressing on the nerve, or, in many cases, by a bulging disc, herniated disc, or tight muscles. At League City Auto Accident Injury Clinic, Our chiropractor offers chiropractic treatment in League City that helps many patients find relief as chiropractors relieve the pressure off the nerve. The pain from a pinched nerve isn’t only local –pain from the neck can radiate down the arm, or another in the low back may emit into the leg. Chiropractic care relieves this type of pain by readjusting the bones, soothing the muscles, and easing the pressure on nerves. Once there is alignment in the spine and nerve blocks are removed, blood is able to transport oxygen and other nutrients throughout the body. This improves the overall circulatory function and helps relieve pain and boost the immune system. Regular visits to a chiropractor can also help a pinched nerve heal faster and prevent future damage.

There are many reasons you may get pinched nerves. They can occur for many reasons, including:

  • Injuries
  • Sporting activities
  • An inactive lifestyle
  • Incorrect seating/standing
  • Lack of ergonomics in the workplace
  • Auto accident injuries
  • An already sensitive area tweaked sleeping in a less than ideal position

Whatever the cause, there are several techniques that our League City chiropractors can use to treat pinched nerves.

What is Pinched nerve and what causes it?

A pinched nerve occurs when pressure or force is put on an area of a nerve, causing it to send warning signals to the brain, including pain, numbness, and weakness. In many cases, this tissue may be bone or cartilage, like when a herniated spinal disk that compresses a nerve root. In other situations, muscle or tendons may cause the condition. This could be a result of improper posture, lifting heavy items, or reaching for something in an awkward way. For example, when it comes to carpal tunnel syndrome, there is a variety of tissues may be responsible for compression of the carpal tunnel's median nerve, including swollen tendon sheaths within the tunnel, the distended bone that narrows the tunnel, or a ligament that has been thickened and degenerated.

Nerves extend from your brain and spinal cord and send important messages all over your body. Since your nerves are interconnected throughout your entire body, a pinched nerve in your neck, for instance, may emit down your arm or even your leg. Essentially, the pain you feel will not always be localized. If you have a pinched nerve (or nerve compression), your body will send you warning signals such as pain. Don't ignore these warning signals.

Do pinched nerves show up on MRI?

A “magnetic resonance imaging,” or MRI, uses a powerful magnetic field and radio waves to show us detailed views of the body in multiple planes and is commonly used if your doctor suspects you have nerve root compression. MRI is sensitive to changes in cartilage and bone structure that are a result of injury, disease, or aging. MRIs can detect, pinched nerves, as well as herniated discs, spinal tumors, spinal cord compression, and fractures.

How Does a League City chiropractor fix a pinched nerve?

Chiropractic science is essentially an alternative method treatment intended to identify and treat problems related to the skeletal nerves and muscles the need for surgery or addictive drugs. A chiropractor diagnoses the problem then applies their techniques manually, focusing mostly on the spine, which is believed to be the root cause of majority of problems relating to musculoskeletal structure. The core belief of chiropractic care is that our bodies have a remarkable self-healing ability and all the body needs is a slight manipulation to help with a lot of different ailments. In chiropractic care, a pinched nerve refers to misalignment or subluxation of the spine, which irritates the nerve. This tends to result in severe back and neck pain, in addition to the nerves losing their ability to carry messages to vital body organs from the brain. Chiropractic care is the most effective treatment for pinched nerves because it concentrates on spinal adjustments in order to promote healing.

Chiropractic care assists pinched nerves by decreasing nerve constriction and relaxing tight muscles. The chiropractor utilizes their hands to directly apply pressure to the strained nerve. And while traditional medical care treats the pain that is apparent, chiropractic care looks at the entire body. Chiropractic care is particularly useful when it comes to pinched nerves because usually the pain can be felt in the leg, but the injury originates from the back. At League City Auto Accident Injury Clinic, we believe that chiropractic care should look at the overall well-being of an individual and address any issues that could have caused the pinched nerve. If you are interested in learning more about how we can help you, give us a call at (832) 430-7770 today!

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